Friends of the Westmont Theatre

The NCW has officially formed its non-profit group, Friends of the Westmont Theatre. This page will change in the coming weeks.

Our Mission:
We are advocates who provide support and non-financial assistance for the restoration of the Westmont Theatre and its use as a venue for the performing and film arts.

What we stand for:
As advocates and supporters, we use numerous forums and means to accomplish our mission of re-establishing The Westmont Theatre as a venue for the performing and film arts. We believe a restored Westmont Theatre will benefit Haddon Township by:

1) Strengthening community image and sense of place including how we are viewed by those outside our community

2) Supporting economic development by stimulating additional new businesses as well as increasing revenue for our existing local businesses

3) Increasing property values

4) Promoting the township with a viable destination as a unique cultural arts center

5) Fostering education, development, and appreciation of the arts to people of all ages.

Additional Information about NCW:
Recognizing that the Westmont Theatre, the last surviving vaudeville-era theatre left in Camden County,  is to be treasured, our group was formed. We believe it should serve as an example of a progressive community fulfilling a duty to restore an important historical resource that can be a major asset to the Township. We formed first as a body of people involved in the documentary “The Grand Old Lady ” beginning in 2006. From this group, a core group of members, which continues to grow, have, and will continue to meet. Our group is not now, nor was ever “tied to,” “working for,” or “in favor” of any specific developer’s proposal, organization, individual or government entity. Our group will meet with people or groups that can assist or provide valuable input into how we can accomplish our mission.

However we have, and will continue to always advocate and demonstrate our support to renovate and reuse the theatre only. As proposals are discussed or presented in public forums, we will speak as advocates for the benefits and necessity of restoration of the theatre only–our mission. When we speak or otherwise advocate, it is solely in the interest of our mission, even if we speak at the request of a developer, a government entity, or an individual.

If you’re interested in joining this group, send us an email through the “contact us” link on the site.


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