Haddon Twp considering a new proposal for the theatre

June 21, 2013

Things have been quiet with the theatre lately. That’s about the change. At the recent commissioner’s meeting Mayor Randy Teague announced Tuesday night that the commission has received an offer to buy the Westmont Theatre. The full story, including video, is available here – The Retrospect


‘Twp wins again in Westmont Theatre case’

April 19, 2010

In this past week’s edition of The Retrospect is another article on the recent Haddon Twp ruling on the Westmont Theatre. This article goes into a little detail on the groups, including the NCW, that are interested in the theatre.

On Tuesday, Haddon Township’s governing body received another ruling in its favor for severing a redevelopment contract involving the Westmont Theatre.
Haddon Township Mayor Randy Teague welcomed the news and said the commissioners will continue to pursue development of the theater… read more

New Westmont article in The Retrospect

October 24, 2009

In this week’s edition of The Retrospect, there’s a story on the front page that talks about the recent work on the marquee and sidewalks, as well as a possible future path for theatre restoration. To read the article click on the image below.


‘Twp. Wins Judgment on Westmont Theater’

June 19, 2009

In this week’s edition of The Retrospect is a more detailed story on the recent court ruling on the Westmont Theatre.  The story also includes updates from two of the three RFP developers who pitched theatre proposals at the June 2008 public meeting: Fieldstone and The Retzler Group.

“The future of the Westmont Theatre appears to be back under control of HaddonTownship leaders. At Tuesday night’s commissioners caucus meeting, Mayor RandyTeague announced… Read More

Please note there are two sentences within The Retzler Group portion of this article that need to be clarified:

Warshauer added that he had spoken to members of Friends of the Westmont Theatre, a group that formed last year to support restoring the Westmont as a full-fledged theater, just last week.” The ‘Friends of the Westmont’ was a concept in June 2008 but never formed as a group. If Mr. Warshauer meant to infer the ‘Neighbors Celebrating the Westmont’, that is also inaccurate. The NCW is not in-line with Retzler, or any other developer from the June 2008 RFP public meeting.

“He noted that Allen Hauss, an authority on the history of South Jersey theaters had also visited him recently.” Mr. Hauss did not visit Mr. Warshauer. Neither Mr. Hauss nor anyone else from the NCW has seen Mr. Warshauer since June 2008.

New Retrospect Article

June 26, 2008

Westmont Theatre meeting is frontpage story in tomorrow’s edition of The Retrospect!