Friends meeting tomorrow night

October 5, 2011

Reminder that the Friends of the Westmont Theatre (FOTWT) is meeting tomorrow (Thursday evening at 6:30pm in the Rohrer Memorial library. All members of the NCW (Neighbors celebrating the Westmont), Westmont theatre supporters, and those looking to join the FOTWT are encouraged to come out for the meeting.


It’s Official…FOTWT has non-profit group status

September 25, 2011

For the past few months the NCW has been working on their non-profit group status. We’re delighted to announce that Friends of the Westmont Theatre, Inc (FOTWT) is now a non-profit group. For those who aren’t aware, the FOTWT was formed to be a fundraising arm for the restoration and preservation of the Westmont Theatre. This fall they’ll start fundraising projects in/around the Haddon Township area.

Any interested in participating in a fundraiser, or making a donation,  is encouraged to send an email through our “About Us” tab.

We’re on our way!

We’re still here…

February 3, 2011

Hi all…sorry if it looks like we went into the dark. The holiday season and early 2011 was a very busy time. And to be honest, not much has happened with the Westmont during that time. The NCW is alive and well; they’re still working on the non-profit status (it’s a long process).  We’ll keep you posted on the next NCW meeting, as well as any information from the town and county on the next steps for the theatre.

NCW meeting is tonight

October 20, 2010

Tonight at 6:45 in the Rohrer Memorial Library the NCW will meet to discuss their next steps, including the formation of their non-profit group. If you’re interested in the Westmont, or the group, please come out for the meeting.

NCW to meet in October

October 6, 2010

On Wednesday October 20nd at 6:45pm in the William G. Rohrer Memorial Library,  the NCW will meet again. This time to discuss their process to move forward with their non-profit group, Friends of the Westmont Theatre (FOWT). Anyone with an interest in the Westmont, the NCW or its new non-profit group, is strongly encouraged to come out for the meeting.

Westmont is now on NJ state registry listing!

July 13, 2010

It’s been quite a journey, but the Westmont Theatre is now officially on the New Jersey State Registry listing as a historic building.  This is a HUGE step forward in the possible restoration of the Westmont as a film and performing arts venue. And now that its official, the NCW will proceed to hold a general assembly meeting in August to discuss the next steps for the group, including the launch of the non-profit organization – Friends of the Westmont Theatre – which would be a fund-raising arm for private funding for the theatre’s restoration as a film and performing arts venue.

More info to come, including the NCW meeting notice…

NCW meeting this week

October 19, 2009

The Neighbors Celebrating the Westmont (NCW) is meeting this Thursday to discuss the next steps in their process of forming a non-profit group (Friends of the Westmont Theatre) to be the financial arm for the theater’s restoration and, if restored, would oversee the day-to-day operations and theatre programming.

This meeting was originally set for the Rorher Library, but the libraries meeting rooms are booked. So the meeting will now taking place at a private residency in Haddon Township. If you’re interested in attending this meeting, please email the group and you’ll be given the address for the meeting, which is at 7pm this Thursday.

Next NCW Meeting

October 5, 2009

The next NCW meeting will be held on Thursday October 22nd at the Rohrer Library. The meeting is at 7pm and the main agenda item is formation of the Friends of the Westmont Theatre (FOTW), a non-profit group that will be the financial arm for the theatre’s potential restoration and, if restored, responsible for the day-to-day operations and programming for the theatre.

Anyone with an interest in joining either group is encourage to come out on the 22nd to learn more…

NCW proceeding with non-profit group

September 28, 2009

The second meeting with the Mayor went well. Several positive steps are in motion now and one of them is that the NCW (Neighbors Celebrating the Westmont) is moving forward with the formation of the non-profit group called The Friends of the Westmont Theatre (FOTW). This new group will be the financial arm for the restoration of the theatre, and once restored, the group responsible for its day-to-day operations and programming. The NCW will remain as the main advocacy group for its preservation and restoration. If anyone has an interest in joining either the NCW or TFOW, please send us an email.

Much more information to follow in the coming weeks… Stay tuned!

NCW to re-organize as a non-profit

July 20, 2009

Looking to the future… The NCW will actively investigate formation of non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization via a request with Tracey I. Batt, Esq – Executive Director of New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Inc.

To secure funding resources, the NCW will look into private funding options for the Westmont Theatre and Haddon Township will investigate public funding options.

In addition, Westfield Architects & Preservation Consultants and Gibraltar Construction are developing a restoration cost estimate. Once the  estimate is complete, members of the NCW will meet with Haddon Township to develop an action plan.

If you’re interested in joining the NCW or want to suggest sources for private funding, please email us at your convenience.

More news to follow in the coming weeks…