Haddon Twp considering a new proposal for the theatre

June 21, 2013

Things have been quiet with the theatre lately. That’s about the change. At the recent commissioner’s meeting Mayor Randy Teague announced Tuesday night that the commission has received an offer to buy the Westmont Theatre. The full story, including video, is available here – The Retrospect


NCW outcome from business plan

January 19, 2010

People have emailed the site asking how the business/strategic development presentation went with the mayor in December. The meeting went well. Presently the NCW is waiting to hear what direction the township will take with the theatre. Once the township makes their decision, and its made public, we’ll post it here.

NCW presenting plan to Haddon Twp Mayor

December 2, 2009

Tonight the NCW is presenting their “draft” business/strategic development plan to the mayor.

This plan entails restoring the Westmont as a film and performing arts venue, and includes costĀ estimatesĀ for restoration, comparative income streams for performing arts venues, finance and operations, organization structure, marketing strategy, letters of support, programs and services, etc…

A LOT of hardworking individuals have spent countless hours developing this presentation. So it’s no surprise that people will want to know how it went ASAP. However, it is not certain if tonight’s outcome will become instant public knowledge. Rest assured that information will get posted here the moment it becomes publicly accessible!

In the meantime… fingers crossed!

NCW wrapping up business plan

November 25, 2009

This past week the NCW met to review their completed business/strategic development plan. They are scheduled to meet with the mayor next week to present the plan to him. Once the outcome of that meeting is public knowledge, we’ll be sure to post it…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Follow up meeting with Mayor

September 22, 2009

The meeting with the Mayor went well last Thursday. Topics that were discussed included restoration costs and parking. The follow up meeting scheduled for this week is to further discuss cost restoration, parking and theatre operation (day-to-day), and to create an action plan.

More info to follow…