It’s Official…FOTWT has non-profit group status

September 25, 2011

For the past few months the NCW has been working on their non-profit group status. We’re delighted to announce that Friends of the Westmont Theatre, Inc (FOTWT) is now a non-profit group. For those who aren’t aware, the FOTWT was formed to be a fundraising arm for the restoration and preservation of the Westmont Theatre. This fall they’ll start fundraising projects in/around the Haddon Township area.

Any interested in participating in a fundraiser, or making a donation,  is encouraged to send an email through our “About Us” tab.

We’re on our way!


End of summer…

August 29, 2009

As the summer season draws to a close the Westmont Theatre continues to stand tried and true on Haddon Ave. Although the last few weeks have been rather quiet, the NCW has been moving forward with the early phases of developing a non-profit group.  The next meeting is scheduled for early September. Once the date/time is set we’ll post that info here.

We encourage anyone with an interest in the Westmont (or the NCW) to consider attending the September meeting.