NCW working on business plan

Things may seem rather quiet recently with the Westmont, but it’s been quite the opposite. For the past several weeks the NCW (Neighbors Celebrating the Westmont) has been working on a business/strategic development plan to restore the Westmont as a film and performing arts venue.  Right now the NCW is slated to present their plan to the township sometime in December.  Stay Tuned…


One Response to NCW working on business plan

  1. Sharon Brenhuber says:

    Why, why, why, does everything have to change. Yea, I know, it’s the future. But I don’t understand why the future has to mean everything new. Why can’t it just be, let’s fix up something old and find a good and reminiscent use for it. Stop trying to improve things by changing them. There are just too many people around that have fond memories of the Westmont Theatre. They’ve taken everything else away, just fix it up and leave it there for the same old purpose.

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