Meeting with the Mayor

The NCW meeting last Wednesday went very well. The group met with Paul Lazar from the Gibraltar Construction Corporation. Mr. Lazar presented a cost estimate report that explained what needs to be repaied or replaced in order to restore the Westmont Theatre as a film and performing arts venue.

Tomorrow (Thursday Sept. 17th) seven members from the NCW are meeting with Mayor Teague to discuss the cost estimate. The outcome of that meeting will help to gauge if this restoration process can proceed and if the FOWT (Friends of the Westmont Theatre – an offshot of the NCW) group will form as a non-profit group to support the theatre.

Stay tuned… more “coming attractions” to follow shortly…


2 Responses to Meeting with the Mayor

  1. Elaine Helmer says:

    When’s the next meeting? I just joined your group on Facebook. I grew up in Westmont and love the theater!Would love to see it back in action.

    • docmakerdv says:

      Members of the NCW (Neighbors Celebrating the Westmont) met with the Mayor last Thursday. If you’d like to get involved with the NCW and the theatre, please send the NCW an email from the blog site.

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