Theatre might be added to NJ historic registry

Several years ago the township began a process to put the theatre on the NJ historic registry listing. And although that application was never finalized it did help secure a certificate of eligibility for the Westmont – which is an important step towards getting on the registry.

When the NCW was made aware of this certificate of eligibility they decided to submit a new application package. Over the course of a few months, and with the help from several people (including theatre historians, architects and preservationists), the NCW completed the application package and submitted it to the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office.

In March the application was received, reviewed and is now officially listed on the docket for consideration at the next meeting, which will be held in Trenton on June 23rd.

So what does that mean? Well… if the theatre is accepted and gets listed on the New Jersey historic registry it will provide preservation protection and help deter entities from tearing it down or using the building for purposes other than its original form and function – film and performing arts venue. Also… getting on the registry list provides access to many sources of funding and tax incentives!


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