Last night’s meeting

All three developers presented. The order of presenters: The Herman Group, The Retzler Group and Fieldstone. Each developer had 30 minutes to present their proposal and then had questioning by the commission and then it was open the a public Q&A with each developer. There was about 60 -100 people in attendance last night and the program ran long – it ended around 11PM. There was some applauding throughout the evening for the developers and there was also some scolding by town residents on some proposals. It was a mixed bag really.

We don’t want to speculate on “who won” or which proposal was/is the best. We will wait to see what The Retrospect (on Friday) and Courier Post (possibly tomorrow or Thursday) will run in their papers. We will then post that information here on the site. The commissioners did say that they weren’t making their decision tonight. We don’t know when the decision will be made or if there will be follow up meetings before that decision is announced.

We took some pictures but the lighting was bad- auditorium lights were dimmed for powerpoint presentations, so the pictures didn’t turn out too well. We will try to cleanup the shots we have and post them ASAP.

We want to thank the commission for organizing this historic public meeting. We also want to thank all three developers for taking the time to present their proposals and field questions from the residents. And lastly, we want to thank the town residents who came out to support the Westmont Theatre. Your dedication to preserving the theatre is duly noted and greatly appreciated!


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