Public Meeting to discuss proposals is set!

On Monday June 23rd at 7PM in the Auditorium at Haddon Township High School, the town commission will hold a public meeting to discuss the proposals.

Each developer will be given 30 minutes to present their proposal to the community.

Click HERE for further details.


One Response to Public Meeting to discuss proposals is set!

  1. Scott Kelly says:

    Grand Green Old Lady

    This is how to save the old girl and turn a buck while she remains just a movie house for the public and more. First, repair the roof and install solar panels on the entire top, marquee and windmills along the back edge. Then retrofit the entire marquee with faux (L.E.D.) light emitting diode bulbs to cut the cost of lighting and maintain her classy look. Then restore her to her glory with the profits of the solar farm. Every day she sits empty, she could be bringing in a very large chunk of change as a solar/wind power plant. The times she is operating should be taken care of, by the power of the sun. The state will reimburse a great percentage for the solar installation. The town will have her glory back. And make one hell of a GREEN statement to boot. WE CAN HAVE OUR CAKE AND WATCH IT TOO! Dare to create a future we can be proud of! Please give it some thought. Light her up for free! The cost of power will only keep going up. Thanks for reading and acting on this thought..

    Scott Kelly

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