Courier Post: ‘Theater’s in need of final script’

On the front page of the today’s edition of the Courier Post is an article, a rather lengthy one, about the three proposals on the Westmont Theatre.

The article is similar to the one posted by the Retrospect a few weeks ago but goes into slightly greater detail on each proposal and even has some direct quotes from members of each development firm, such as Paul Warshauer from the Retzler Development Company, Philip Herman from the Herman Group and Arthur Corsini from Fieldstone Associates.

The best part of the article is what Mayor Teague said at the end, “NO DECISIONS WILL BE MADE UNTIL THE TOWNSHIP SCHEDULES PUBLIC MEETINGS TO DISCUSS ALL THREE PROPOSALS.” The Mayor goes on to say that he hopes to hold those meeting in the next month or so

To read the full story click HERE

Below is a an artist rendering from one of the development companies (we’re not sure which one though).





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