Is the theatre being vandalized?

I drove past the theatre this morning on my way to work. I noticed “new damage” to the exit doors on the parking lot side of the building. It bothered me so much that I turned around and stopped in the parking lot for a closer inspection.

I’m not a structural engineer and its very possible that the winter weather is to blame, but I can’t help but think that “kids” are messing around with the side doors to the theatre.

In short, the doors, especially the parking lot side door closest to Haddon Ave., looks like its been “hit” with something because there are holes in the wood – more so now then in previous months.

I want to say this is just my OPINION and not fact. It could very well be just deterioration from the winter weather (perhaps even from the bad windy weather we had this weekend). I just wanted to make mention of it.



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