There SHE blows…

The weather this weekend took a toll on the Westmont Theatre, especially on the marquee. The high winds caused some of the facade siding and marquee “undercarriage” ceiling to fall down.

The fencing contained the falling debris and kept the winds from taking it down the street…or across Haddon Ave.

It’s quite clear that marquee facade is getting weaker and weaker. Hopefully, the RFP’s will come in with some good suggestions for the theatre and her marquee.






2 Responses to There SHE blows…

  1. doug kelly says:

    two weeks after the storm and the building debris is still on the ground . why hasn’t someone cleaned this up yet ! everyone just keeps driving past not seeing what others see as dirt , trash and a unsightly mess . come on someone for public works driving past in your dump truck please stop and clean up the front of the theater . please ! let me not even get started about the back of the parking lot !!!!!

  2. […] you look at the deterioration montage or the There SHE blows post pictures,  you will see that the fence surrounding the theatre “caught” the […]

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