“Theater’s Future Hinges on RFP”

The Retrospect, a local newspaper serving the community since 1902, reports that the RFP’s are key to the theatre’s survival in our community.

The theatre is in need of costly repairs. Repairs the Mayor said he’s not yet sure the township will undertake. This repairs are simply to STOP the damage that years of neglect (under a previous adminstration) have done to the building. The repairs would cost about $66,000 to complete.

It’s estimated that bewtween $1.6 to 2 million dollars is required to being the buildings mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems up to code, as well as the marquee itself.

As she stands, growing older and more deteriorated with each passing day, people who certainly start shouting, “knock it down…knock it down…”. 

I truly hope that doesn’t happen. “Just because she is old doesn’t entitle her to historic status”, as one town resident said in a public meeting (I paraphrased the person’s quote). They are correct. Old doesn’t automatically entitle the theatre a future. However, the signifigance of our theatre in relation to our town’s history and the fact that WE still have our theatre (few are still standing in New Jersey) is a testament to the buildings longevity, and a gift that we shouldn’t just throw away because of improper care and maintenance under previous administrations.


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